April 19, 2006

Staying Republican Or Else

Just suppose (some great thoughts from DJ Drummond at Polipundit):
Suppose the people outraged at not getting their way on everything they demand, along with certain one-issue voters who wouldn’t support Jesus Christ if He didn’t say the right things on their key issue, either stay home, vote for a third-party candidate, or even vote for the Democrat to “send a message” all manage to influence the 2006 mid-term elections. . .

. . .[The consequences]:
* Desertion of our allies.

* Reversing judicial reform.

* Abandoning even the pretext of Social Security and Medicare reform.

* Higher taxes across the board for working people.

* Laws perverted to sell out the country for political support by criminals.

* Surrender to terrorists.

* The abolition of free public forums to redress media lies.

All because some folks didn’t get everything they wanted, and so a message was sent. Whatever is intended, if such a message is delivered in November, the content will be “Rape America”.

Vote as you please in the primaries. By all means be part of the process and make your voice heard. But when it comes time to decide the course for the nation, don’t think punishing Republicans will lead to anything good or noble.

The Democrats are evil and dangerous enough already. Only a great fool would chance giving them back the government. A great angry fool.
More thoughts and an update here.


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