March 24, 2006

Muslim Cartoon Conference

Once again, the cartoons are symbolic of a "war" waged against Islam:

Some 300 Muslim scholars have begun meeting in Bahrain to discuss the row over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

The conference follows a wave of demonstrations in which at least 50 people died in the wake of the images' publication in Denmark and elsewhere.

The scholars are hoping to come up with a strategy to mobilise Muslims in defence of the Prophet.

One leading hardline cleric, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, told delegates that a war was being waged against Islam.
A strategy to mobilize Muslims that does not include general chaos, riots, burning embassies, killing people, and threatening even more violence? There's a plan we'd like to see. . .

Also, Gateway Pundit says that fatwas have been issued against depictions of Jesus. . .


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