March 22, 2006

David Horowitz Targets Bennish

David Horowitz seeks to highlight the Colorado teacher's left-wing agenda in print ads:
A California activist who targets what he considers left-wing college professors is turning his attention to Overland High School geography teacher Jay Bennish.

In a bulk e-mail to supporters Tuesday, David Horowitz of the Los Angeles-based Center for the Study of Popular Culture sought contributions to pay for ads criticizing Bennish that he wants to run in the Rocky Mountain News and The Denver Post.

The ads would help spotlight the problem of left-wing teaching in public schools, Horowitz said in a telephone interview.

Horowitz backs a student "bill of rights" that would bar teachers from infusing lessons with their political views. . .

. . .Horowitz said Bennish should have been suspended without pay after the first incident.

"A year's suspension would have been merciful," Horowitz said.

In his e-mail, Horowitz wrote that he is trying to raise $28,000 in 72 hours to pay for the ads.

"As the Jay Bennish episode demonstrates, our children are abused daily by teachers who routinely and selfishly ignore their primary job, that is, to educate young people so they can survive in the world," Horowitz wrote.


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