March 27, 2006

Horowitz, Churchill Are Two Of A Kind

"Dangerous" professor Oneida Meranto of Metro State has this to say over the upcoming "debates" between David Horowitz and Ward Churchill:
It would do well for all of us to recognize the David Horowitz and Ward Churchill debate for what it is: a dog and pony show. To take their advice on issues of higher education is like listening to Jack Abramoff on campaign reform initiatives.

Both Horowitz and Churchill do shoddy research that lacks scholarly integrity. Both are arrogant, ignorant and extreme. Both have created a cottage industry with their libelous writings and lecture series. Both have found a haven of support on opposite ends of the political spectrum. Both are white males, similar in age and inflammatory. Both said they had been part of the radical left. Both are misogynist. Both have called me dangerous for different reasons. Both do politics without having studied politics. Neither has a Ph.D., only M.A.s. Neither of them speaks for political science or Native American scholars of which I am both.

My alma mater gave an affirmative action hire to someone who was undeserving and unqualified, what's new? In the past no one cared that Churchill's research was shoddy because it was just about Indians. Only when Churchill critiqued the status quo did "patriots" suddenly demand truth.

The publications and shenanigans of these two continue to poison the well of expressive freedom. And yet while it pains me greatly to support their freedom of speech I will; because freedom isn't only for those people who agree with you. Most academics would like nothing more than for these two to go away and set up house together.

Oneida J. Meranto Professor of Political Science
Director of Native American Studies Program
Metropolitan State College
Why the "debate" is for show, and nothing more.


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