March 18, 2009

Paid Political Hacks Sent Packing: Colorado Media Matters Abandons State

Other states better saddle up and prepare for a "Rocky Ride" . . .

Apparently someone somewhere else in the United States has just a little too much liberty, so Media Matters's Colorado outpost is being repositioned elsewhere:
One of Colorado's liberal watchdogs has ceased to bark.

Colorado Media Matters on Monday closed its doors as its parent organization in Washington, D.C., plans more efficient expansions into more states, state editorial director Bill Menezes told The Post.

A new model "will allow us to launch this in other states where they were clamoring for it," he said.

The Colorado office, home to five employees at its closure, spent three years red flagging "misinformation and conservative information not labeled as such," in newspapers, television and radio, Menezes said.

One of their most frequent targets was Libertarian thinktank leader Jon Caldara, who hosts a radio show.

Caldara said he was "absolutely heartbroken" and quipped that the Media Matters staff made up half his audience.

"I feel like I'm losing a stalker girlfriend," Caldara said.
Not much of a "watchdog" if there are no permanent plans to continue operations. If the progressive group were truly interested in Colorado's political well-being (from a leftist perspective), wouldn't they continue to monitor the outrageously pro-conservative bias in the Colorado media (I think I just threw up there a little)?

Paid political hacks dance to the piper's well-funded tune.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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