November 04, 2008

Colorado Election Results 2008--Ballot Results (Amendments, Referenda)

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Election 2008 initial reflections, movie clip edition!

9:58pm--Ben DeGrow, as always, has a measured and graceful response for an otherwise horrendous night for the GOP and conservatives in Colorado and across the country.

9:46pm--Turning to the Colorado races:

No surprises at the state level--Obama, Udall, and the other House races, including Markey over Musgrave. There isn't much sense in update numbers, as all the races at this level have been called.

Amendments and referenda--
46--Too bad, if anything belonged in the Colorado constitution, it was the elimination of discrimination.
47--Union money can buy a lot of things, and one of them is a no on 47.
48--Not at this time, not in this state, not in the Colorado constitution.
49--More of the same, money buys votes.
50--Looks like expanded gaming is the only true runaway measure, until liberals ban it, of course.
51--State sales tax measures, regardless of the intention, don't belong in the constitution.
54--The only measure of the heavily targeted campaign against 47/49/54 to still be passed, pending the final vote tally.
58--Coloradans said no to Ritter, a rare loss for the governor going in to 2010.
59--Funding for education is like pouring water through a sieve.
Ref L--No to lowering the age limit.
Ref O--Too close to call.

The interesting analysis will be a breakdown of Colorado at the local level--county-by-county tallies.

9:01pm--All Hail President Obama!

6:40pm--I'll be up against Bill Menezes of Colorado Media Matters!

4:20pm--My friends at Complete Colorado will be running a continuous election media roundup for all things Colorado

4:06pm--Encouraging (given the DNC and polls showing a swelling Obama lead), but not definitively positive news--Colorado GOP voters keep pace with Democrats in early voting turnout

4:02pm--Fellow blogger and candidate for Colorado House District 6--Joshua Sharf--has some preliminary numbers on early voting turnout in Denver.

Early exit polls should emerge in the next few hours--stay tuned for coverage. Peoples Press Collective has live streaming video from around town, and will also carry comprehensive election roundups as the day progresses--Mr. Bob of The Daily Blogster has updates at his blog and PPC as well. I'll be adding links as they come in.

Reminder--Slapstick Politics will be joining CBS4 for live webcast election analysis at 7 pm.

Email election day tips to slapstickpolitics (at) gmail (dot) com.

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