October 01, 2008

Educate The Idiots--Colorado Democracy Alliance Memos Expose Liberal Agenda For Colorado

Yep--you're reading it right.

Face the State has the damning evidence (might be a little slow at the moment)--internal memos not intended for publication--that outline the Colorado Democracy Alliance's plan to push the liberal agenda through a vast alliance of related organizations at the state level.

Earlier reports from FTS on the Colorado Democracy Alliance--Part 1 and Part 2.

The Rocky blogger is outraged:
Let's read between the lines of this fair campaign:

* Is it really for the welfare of the worker, as the union elite claim with every campaign, or "increasing CO union power"?

* How powerful is your campaign message if you feel the smart people just won't vote for you?

* And -- this is as obvious as pie -- you're calling minorities "idiots"?????????? Who, they apparently believe, can be hoodwinked to serve any cause just by appealing to said alleged idiocy????

As more of the evidence is revealed, let's see how much the local MSM does in hiding the story--and how much the liberals and Democrats avoid the questions raised.

If you're a minority or high school drop-out in Colorado and you don't vote for the Democrats, you are an idiot.

Yep, change we can believe in.

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