June 06, 2008

DNC Moonbat Splitsville Expands As Recreate '68 Coalition Fractures Over Tactics

**Update--someone claiming to be Adam Jung says that the Adam Jung quoted in Drunkablog's comments isn't him.

Fair enough.

But Whitmer and Spagnuolo's comments still appear to be from them, so I'll keep them up.

Apparently the Kool-Aid Recreate '68 poured wasn't strong enough, as more moonbat protest groups part ways with Glenn Spagnuolo's "non-violent" coalition (big h/t Drunkablog):
Activists who plan to protest at the Democratic National Convention this summer are splitting with the umbrella organization, Re-create 68, because of concerns over its rhetoric and tactics.

The new coalition, called Alliance for Real Democracy, is a network of local and national groups, including Code Pink, United for Peace and Justice, the American Friends Service Committee, the Green Party of Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Colorado Street Medics, and Students for Peace and Justice.

"We've separated ourselves; we're not part of Re-create 68," said Claire Ryder, chairwoman of the Denver Green Party.

Ryder said many activists had attended Re-create 68 meetings and were not comfortable with its organizational techniques.

Nevertheless, she said, "This has all been very difficult because a lot of them are our friends. We've worked together on a lot of other issues over time."

Glenn Spagnuolo, an organizer with Re-create 68, said he doesn't mind the new structure.

"More power to them," he said.
And less power for you, Glenn. Spagnuolo popped up in the comments at Drunkablog to refute some of the groups alleged to have broken away, stating that they have asked the Post for a retraction.

What else does Glenn have to say? Well, that the "liberal Democrat" groups--including the Greens, mind you--are somehow illegitimate by virtue of class (rich) and race (white). Recreate '68, on the other hand, expresses solidarity with the legitimate view of the oppressed minorities--or some Marxist claptrap like that:
Spagnuolo characterizes the groups that are splitting with his as liberal Democrats who are largely white and middle-to-upper class and want their party to guide the country out of the war in Iraq.

He described Re-create 68 as representing minorities, anarchists, communists, socialists and "radicals" who don't support Democrats or Republicans.
Hey, when moonbats turn on one another, hilarity ensues. There is also a run on tinfoil, or so I'm told.

Drunkablog has more comments from Spagnuolo, Benjamin "Ward Churchill is my hero" Whitmer, and accusations that the Spag-man himself is not a member of the proletariat but a member of the bourgeoisie as well as being white.

Wow, that's a double-whammy.

Whitmer's blog calls Adam Jung of Tent State (the first group to bail on the non-violent thugs activists of Recreate '68) a "f-ing liar," says "good riddance" to the parting groups, while also criticizing their "pacifism" (refusal to self-defense, or resisting arrest, depending on who you ask) and accusing them of "bootlicking toadyism."

Contrary to expectations that this might disrupt convention protest plans, it seems that the true radicals are on target for unrestricted protestation without the mitigating moderation of some of the other moonbat groups. With separate groups there will be more separate, uncoordinated events--perhaps with each side trying to outdo one another in escalating their rhetoric or street theater.

Can't be shown up on your own radical protest turf.

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