June 20, 2008

Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 66: Parade-A-Palooza, Hollywood "Intellectuals"

Democratic National Convention Daily Digest and Open Thread
Friday June 20, 2008--No. 66


DNC Parade-A-Palooza--everyone that wanted a permit to march from 11am-3pm during the convention got their wish, though the grumbling over the route hasn't subsided. Also, Mike Rosen lets us know how he really feels about Recreate '68 and the other protesting moonbats.

The "Creative Coalition"--Hollywoods "brightest" liberals will hold forth on issues "topical" to the convention--including such intellectual luminaries as Quentin Tarantino, Spike Lee, Susan Sarandon, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Neil Patrick Harris, Dana Delany, Barry Levinson, Matthew Modine, Alan Cumming, Cheryl Hines, Rachael Leigh Cook and Wendie Malick.

Raising money for the DNC really is important--the DNC volunteer coordinator resigned--"not empowered to do my job."

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