May 28, 2008

ACLU Files Yet Another Lawsuit Against Denver Over DNC Security Plans, Equipment

Unsatisfied by previous setbacks from the city of Denver that argued security issues overrode disclosure of equipment purchases, the ACLU's new lawsuit once again focuses on “less lethal” weapons, vehicles, personal body armor, restraint devices, and barricades, fencing or netting”--“We believe the public interest is served by disclosing how the government is spending the public’s money,” said John Culver, ACLU Cooperating Attorney, who filed the Colorado open records suit.

**Update: Neal responds to the ACLU's request in comments:
"$XX million will be spent on keeping some dipshit protestors from violating everyone else's rights to free speech and peacable assembly. Without said dipshit protestors, the cost would be much, much less."

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