February 12, 2008

Douglas Bruce Refuses To Consponsor Resolution Honoring Military, Veterans

“That’s a man with no honor. He has no shame”--House Minority leader Mike May on Rep. Douglas Bruce' refusal to cosponsor a joint resolution honoring Military and Veterans Appreciation Day

Not simply content to kick a photographer for violating his own sense of "decorum", the classy, self-righteous Douglas Bruce--without explanation--refused to cosponsor a unanimous pro-military resolution:
Today he infuriated fellow lawmakers by being the lone legislator who refused to cosponsor a Joint House-Senate resolution honoring Military and Veterans Appreciation Day.

“Today we were honoring people who died for our country, who served our country, and Douglas Bruce is spitting in the eye of every veteran who served our country, and it’s a disgrace,” said Rep. David Balmer, R-Centennial, an Army veteran who served in Afghanistan. “I’m so angry I can’t even talk right now.”

Rep. Rob Witwer, R-Genessee, said he’d never seen a colleague refuse to cosponsor the annual resolution.

“Some of our veterans have sacrificed all for their country,” Witwer said. “The least we can do is say thank you.”
Even Democrats were floored:
Democrats were also stunned and dismayed.

“I feel like I want to say to him what we used to say in the McCarthy era, ‘Have you no shame?’” said Rep. Alice Borodkin, D-Denver.

“I think he truly believes he’s doing the right thing,” she said. “But I don’t think he realizes he’s out of step with everybody. He’s just different. What can I say?”
Bruce, who has succeeded in building bipartisan enmity, was thrashed by House minority leader Mike May, but without any result:
House minority leader Mike May, R-Parker approached Bruce immediately after he declined to co-sponsor the resolution: “I told him on a day when we honor those who have given such great sacrifice, that he can’t even put forth the effort to push the green button is disgraceful.

“That’s a man with no honor. He has no shame.”
Bruce is also getting slammed in the comments, and rightly so.

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