December 26, 2007

Ritter Seeks Advice On Spending Less Of Your Money

Eye-rolling populism from our guv:
Governor Bill Ritter wants the public's help in making the government more efficient.

On Wednesday, Ritter launched a new e-mail address, toll-free phone number and Web site to get public comments.

People can submit ideas to the Government Efficiency and Management (GEM) project hotline by calling toll free at 1-877-397-0013, e-mailing, or by filling out an on-line form by clicking here.

People also can visit the Government Efficiency page on the Governor's Web site (

The governor's office says Ritter is in the process of a top-to-bottom look at how the state government operates and how it can do a better job. The process has already found $145 million the government can be saved.
Newspeak oxymoron of the day--"government efficiency".

The last line should read: "The process has already found $145 million the government you can be saved.

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