August 21, 2007

Pat Schroeder: Conservatives Want Slogans, Read Less Than Liberals

Liberal Congresswoman Pat Schroeder of Denver. Remember her? Well, according to her liberals read more than conservatives--'cuz all they want is "slogans". What is the margin? Liberals read 9 books/year, conservatives . . . 8! Those stupid moderates only read 5!:
Liberals read more books than conservatives. The head of the book publishing industry's trade group says she knows why—and there's little flattering about conservative readers in her explanation.

"The Karl Roves of the world have built a generation that just wants a couple slogans: 'No, don't raise my taxes, no new taxes,'" Pat Schroeder, president of the American Association of Publishers, said in a recent interview. "It's pretty hard to write a book saying, 'No new taxes, no new taxes, no new taxes' on every page."

Schroeder, who as a Colorado Democrat was once one of Congress' most liberal House members, was responding to an Associated Press-Ipsos poll that found people who consider themselves liberals are more prodigious book readers than conservatives.

She said liberals tend to be policy wonks who "can't say anything in less than paragraphs. We really want the whole picture, want to peel the onion."
What about "no war for oil", "bush lied, people died", and "health care is a human right". If you did a comparison, the platitudinous left draws on more cliches and slogans than a Hollywood movie and marketing campaign combined.
Rove, President Bush's departing political adviser, is known as a prodigious reader. White House spokesman Tony Fratto said Schroeder was "confusing volume with quality" with her remarks.

"Obfuscation usually requires a lot more words than if you simply focus on fundamental principles, so I'm not at all surprised by the loquaciousness of liberals," he said.
Ever heard a liberal wax poetic on their pet cause? Or a moonbat pontificate on their soapbox for five minutes or more while promising that they do really have a point or question?

An economy of words isn't a sign of ignorance any more than verbal diarrhea is an indication of intelligence.

Jonah Goldberg has more on Schroeder's moonbat statement. Newsbusters takes apart the AP-Ipsos poll.

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