July 30, 2007

Lie Detector Test Confirms Fired 7-Eleven Clerk's Story

Police have issued an arrest warrant for a man suspected in a shooting at a 7-Eleven in Basalt last month.

Police say the gunfire may have been in retaliation against a clerk who, while off duty, wore a U.S. Border Patrol cap to protest illegal immigration.

Basalt police said the suspect made a purchase with his credit card at the store before he and another man argued with the clerk. About 45 minutes later, police believe, the suspect pumped five shots into the Basalt 7-Eleven.

Authorities are seeking the public's help in finding 22-year-old Ricardo Ramirez. He is wanted on suspicion of first-degree assault and felony menacing in connection with the June 26 shooting.
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Anyone with information on Ramirez's whereabouts is asked to call the Basalt Police Department at (970) 927-4316.

An update to the 7-Eleven clerk fired after being shot at, allegedly due to his immigration views (h/t Freedom Folks):
A 7-Eleven clerk who was fired after a bullet-riddled dispute over his U.S. Border Patrol cap passed a lie-detector test indicating that he didn't instigate the clash, a radio talk-show host said Friday.
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Denver talk-radio host Peter Boyles, a crusader against illegal immigration, announced Friday on KHOW-AM (630), "Bruno is telling the truth!"

Boyles said the station footed the bill for the test. Polygraph results are considered too unreliable to be admitted as evidence in U.S. courts; nevertheless the results spurred KHOW callers to demand a boycott of 7-Eleven for canning Kirchenwitz after the June 26 incident.

Boyles also blasted Basalt Police Chief Keith Ikeda, who was quoted as saying that Kirchenwitz told the men to "bring it on" - a challenge the ex-clerk denied making.

Kirchenwitz said that 7-Eleven officials told him he had "invited these two gangbangers to meet me after work because I wanted to fight them, which is totally untrue. I have nothing to hide," he told the Rocky Mountain News.

The police chief has said two persons of interest, whom he would not identify, have been contacted in connection with the shooting.

"We are very confident there will be felony charges resulting from this case," Ikeda said.
As there should be.

Kirchenwitz alleges that his firing came as a result of his political views on illegal immigration (he is himself a legal immigrant), a charge 7-Eleven officials flatly deny.

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