December 09, 2006

More Senators Endorse Denver For 2008 Democratic National Convention

Denver's political endorsements for the 2008 Democratic National Convention have been bolstered by more Western Senators in a new letter:
(AP) DENVER As the head of the Democratic Party moves closer to choosing the site of the 2008 convention, 10 senators and senators-elect from the western half of the nation said the Mile High City is a natural choice.

Holding the convention in Denver would help cement the party's recent political gains and "send a powerful message that the Democrats are ready to fight for a Democratic majority nationwide and for a new direction for America," said the letter.

The letter, dated Monday and made public Thursday, was signed by senators and senators-elect from eight states. It follows similar pleas made earlier by some of the same senators and by nearly 50 members of the House of Representatives.
. . .
The letter noted that since 2002, Democrats have won GOP-held governorships in Montana, Kansas, Wyoming, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado. Last month, Democrats also picked up a Republican-held Senate seat in Montana and GOP-held House seats in Colorado and Arizona.

"In 2008, our presidential nominee will have, for the first time in many years, an excellent chance of winning several Western states, which would secure enough key Electoral College votes to restore our leadership in the White House," the letter said. "In short, the West is the Democratic Party's new frontier."
. . .
Signing the letter were Sens. Harry Reid of Nevada, the incoming Senate majority leader; Ken Salazar of Colorado; Max Baucus and Sen.-elect Jon Tester of Montana; Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico; Byron Dorgan and Kent Conrad of North Dakota; Maria Cantwell of Washington; Tim Johnson of South Dakota; and Ben Nelson of Nebraska.
We also spoke of Denver as the "new frontier" for Democrats back on Dec. 3--these Senators realize the tactical and strategic significance of a Western convention site. New York might seem too much like a coronation venue for Hillary Clinton, although a defeat in her backyard might just be too interesting to miss.

By this time next week, Denver Democrats will know whether their efforts have paid off.


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