November 26, 2006

WashTimes: Denver "Poised" For 2008 Democratic National Convention

Howard Dean is expected to make the announcement soon, and it still appears that the only hurdle is the union issue:
The Mile High City is enjoying a surge of momentum in its bid for the 2008 Democratic National Convention, thanks to Colorado's electoral tilt to the left and a well-timed burst of union activity.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean is expected to announce the convention site in early December, and some Denver residents already are predicting their city will trump New York as the party's pick.

"I think we're a shoo-in," said Jon Caldara, president of the Independence Institute, a conservative think tank. "The Democratic Party should be rewarding the success of Democrats here because of this year's incredible election sweep."

In a state where Democratic registration ranks third behind that of Republican and unaffiliated, the Democrats reclaimed the governor's office after an eight-year Republican run, bolstered their majorities in the state legislature and captured a previously Republican House seat.

"We believed all along that if we elected a Democratic governor, our chances would be stronger," said Denver City Council member Rosemary Rodriguez, who also sits on the Denver 2008 Host Committee.

Mrs. Rodriguez noted that Denver, which last hosted a national party convention in 1908, made unsuccessful bids to host the 2000 and 2004 Democratic conventions. "We're always a bridesmaid," she said, "but I think it's finally our time."
A convention in Denver would make a nice bookend with the one held a century ago. It would also give the Democrats a platform to appeal to the Mountain Moderates who have recently begun to swing toward the Democrats, turning Colorado increasingly purple, as well as rewarding them for the electoral support. Of course, the nomination of a San Francisco-values (Pelosi) or Northeast liberal elite snob (Kerry, Clinton) might backfire, alienating the long on action, short on demagoguery attitude of the Western states.



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