April 05, 2006

Patriotic Clothing Ban Spreads To San Diego

**Update**Colorado Senate bill to punish schools who ban "respecful" displays of the U.S. flag passes.**Update**

The nuttiness spreads to a San Diego school district.

Freedom Folks calls it "Mexitude".

More on the Shaw Heights Middle School clothing ban:
The school's harmony has been disrupted by the fight in Congress and the huge rallies in Denver and other cities against the strictest of the anti-immigration bills, she said.

Daniel Wenger, whose stepdaughter attends Shaw Heights, wants Shepherd out, saying "kids have the constitutional right to wear whatever they want to school."

Wenger said he served three years in the Army, and his grandfather, uncles and great uncles did the same.

"I don't appreciate it, and they wouldn't appreciate it," he said of the banning of the flag insignia.

Eric Golgart said his daughter, Kirsten, was called a racist and a "redneck" this week, after the ban was enacted, so he doesn't think the ban did much good. "Absolutely, you should be able to wear American pride and show patriotism," Golgart said.
Apparently the "harmony" of the school, with roughly equal numbers of Anglo and Hispanic students, did not benefit much from the 8 yearly diversity "celebrations":
"An increasingly large number of students were showing their feelings on immigration by the clothes they wore, and that had turned into ugliness, racial slurs and hurt feelings," Myla Shepherd, principal of Shaw Heights Middle School, said Tuesday.

Some 25 students came to class last week in "anything camouflage they could find in their closets," to show support for U.S. troops in Iraq, she said. Meanwhile, some of the Hispanic students brought bandanas designed like the Mexican flag and had them hanging from their pockets.

Shepherd sent a letter home Friday, telling parents the clothes and flags were being banned for a while. A few parents gathered at the school to protest the ban but most students abided by the new rules Monday and Tuesday, she said.

Shepherd said the school, which is 46 percent Anglo and 41 percent Hispanic, has had very little racial tension until the past couple of weeks. Eight times a year, there are programs that celebrate the diversity of the student body.
The probable solution? More diversity "celebrations". . .

Meanwhile, a father protests school's apolitical dress code and gathers signatures to overturn the ban.

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