March 21, 2006

Richard Belzer Claims To Know More Than "Uneducated" Soldiers

A quick glance at the situation (video and transcript):

Boy, that's a hard one! Nice to know that Hollywood liberals who "read" newspapers, magazines, and watch the MSM blathering about the Iraqi "quagmire" are turning into armchair generals who know more about the current situation in Iraq than a few uneducated grunts in the volunteer military who could not find a job due to the "poor" economy.

The economy is so "poor" that it is at nearly full employment, with the best job prospects for grads in five years. So much for Bush losing jobs--there goes another Democrat platform.


Blogger Steadman said...

reminds me of Paul at the tavern in "All Quite on the Western Front"

Tue Mar 21, 02:36:00 AM  

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