March 13, 2006

Danish Apples, Islamic Oranges

Wizbang offers an intriguing analysis of the whole cartoon controversy, and why the Danes are not to blame:
First, should they have foreseen the consequences? I'd have to say no. The initial response was rough, but manageable. In fact, it blew over within a few weeks. It wasn't until the entirely-unforeseeable event of a delegation of Danish Muslims started circulating fake cartoons -- deliberately intended to inflame the masses -- and falsely attributing them to the newspaper that set off the truly large-scale protests.

Second, should they have acted differently? I say not. The whole point of the publication was to show that Islamic law and custom do NOT hold sway over Western law and custom in the West, that threats of violence will not dissuade us from abandoning our most cherished principles and freedoms.

And if that freedom offends some, that's just too goddamned bad.


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