February 23, 2006

League of Conservation Voters: Colorado Scorecard

From LCV:
Vote Scorecard: 109th, 1st session Search Results

Scores for Colorado Sorted by Last Name

Senator State 109th, 1st session Score
Wayne Allard (REP) CO 5%
Ken Salazar (DEM) CO 80%

Representative District 109th, 1st session Score
Bob Beauprez (REP) CO-7 0%
Diana DeGette (DEM) CO-1 100%
Joel Hefley (REP) CO-5 6%
Marilyn Musgrave (REP) CO-4 0%
John Salazar (DEM) CO-3 72%
Thomas Tancredo (REP) CO-6 11%
Mark Udall (DEM) CO-2 100%
Whoda thunk Tancredo would receive the highest grade of the Republican contingent (a measly 11%)? Not surprisingly, the slitherin' Salazar brothers scored lower than their hard-left compatriots, as they try to maintain their pseudo-Western Democrat façade. Scores of 72% and 80% for John and Ken, respectively, might indicate some pressure that will be brought upon them to hew to the enviro-wacko line.


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