February 06, 2006

Devastated, Devastated!

For those political junkies waiting with baited breath for months to hear whether or not Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper would run for governor of Colorado, today's revelation that he would in fact not run came as quite a shock! (not really) Hick's foot-dragging indicated a lack of desire to run, as the fundraising clock began ticking louder and louder. If anything else his indecision on running for the highest office, or at least the appearance of such irresoluteness did not bode well for those on the left calling for a more liberal alternative to the current Democratic candidates, or those in the "middle"--Colorado's independents.

Back to the drawing board for all those "Draft Hick" proponents:
DENVER (AP) - Mayor John Hickenlooper said Monday he will not run for governor, disappointing some Democrats who hoped for a more liberal alternative to former Denver District Attorney Bill Ritter, an abortion opponent.

Hickenlooper said he still has tasks wants to complete as mayor.

"The time right now is for me to focus on the city," he said.

Some Democrats have expressed reservations about Ritter because of his views on social issues. Ritter declined to comment immediately but scheduled his own news conference later.

Independent poll-taker Floyd Ciruli said Ritter won't get a big boost from Hickenlooper's decision because many of the state Democratic Party's big donors are concerned about Ritter's Catholic upbringing and his conservative stand on social issues.

"He's the Holy Mother Church," Ciruli said. "He appears unacceptable to a big wing of the party."
Yes, that comes from the party with a monopoly on tolerance for all points of view. . .


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